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Our production technologies
Here below you will find the equipment that we utilise as well as the three different production technologies that our workshop employs:

Working of pressed sheet plastic material with dry chipping removal, fixed via vertical and horizontal vacuuming plates:

no. 8 3,4 and 5 axis Pantographs with CadCam technical office programming

Worktable sizes:
3700 by 1300 mm
1800 by 2800 mm
1250 by 2900 mm
3200 by 1350 mm
2600 by 1500 mm
3100 by 1250 mm
4200 by 1600 mm
2800 by 1800 mm

no. 2 HOLZMA panel saws - worktable sizes 3500 by 3500 by 125 mm for the processing of semi-worked pieces for CNC

no. 1 Automatic double-headed moulder for designed outlines in large quantities

no. 1 Manual moulder for outlines in small quantities

Working of pressed sheet plastic material with emulsified chipping removal, with mechanical fixing or vacuuming plates :

no. 3 CNC 3 axis emulsified where possible with roughness up to 0.8 on polymers that allow for this.

Worktable sizes:
2200 by 700 by 450 mm
and no.2 1060 by 500 by 450 mm worktables

3D professional printer in FDM hot chamber technology for prototyping and rapid production:

no. 1 Stratasys Dimension Elite with a double extruder ABS PLUS 9 available colours

Worktable 203 by 203 by 305

We also have at our disposal:

no. 1 wifi digital optic pre-setter
no. 1 Berma automatic punch for numbering of particulars or for personalised labelling
no. 1 Manuale punch
n. 1 roughness tester
n. 1 Automatic drilling tapping machine
n. 2 drilling and milling machines trapani
as well as other equipment for finishing and adjustments.

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