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Plastic material precision workmanship
Polis Termoplastici srl is specialised in the precision workmanship of plastic material thanks to its use of the most up to date equipment. Our company structure as well as our production management flexibility means that we are able to give replies in the shortest possible time.

Polis Termoplastici srl has decided to rely upon its technological excellence to offer its clients precision when producing mechanical parts in thermal plastics. Our aim is to produce in the shortest time possible by increasing productivity and thus guaranteeing our clients excellent results in the finished products..

Each piece is carefully designed by experts through the use of CAD-CAM 3 dimensional technology, which automatically transmits the programme directly to the machine for the successive phase of production.

Furthermore, Polis Termoplastici srl takes pride from the fact that it possesses the latest technology in the field of rapid prototyping.

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